Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 and the real winter continues.

The snow and freezing conditions continue into the new year. Yesterday our first visitors for ages made it up the brae in the village in their small car, although the frozen snow scraped the underside all the way up.
In the collage above you can see the icicles hanging from the rhonepipes, which are now full of ice as the downpipes are also frozen solid to the base.
On our walk around the village in the afternoon we have never seen so many snowmen, snowwomen and snowanimals ...some people are most inventive in that field!
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Gail said...

How beautiful, I am glad you are enjoying it.

I love the header but miss those puppies.

Pyatshaw said...

Looks nice but we've had water coming into the living room from above the window (as there are short periods of thaw)--goodness knows where the source is--could be to do with the frozen run-off pipes and everyone here is on holiday till I now wish the snow would go!
Puppies will be back.

Chris said...

I am also getting tired of the cold weather. We havn't had as much snow as you but our road which is uphill is so icy that we havn't been able to get down in the car since Christmas and I'm getting stir crazy. I love your pictures and the bird is great.

Rinkly Rimes said...


jrl said...

No longer wishing we were there!