Sunday, 31 January 2010

A beautiful, chilly walk on Castle Law.

It was one of those, as they say in all the best books, " crisp, winter's day". The wind was chilling but the steep climb made me warm. I have a few stops to "admire the views"!! I am still working on the assumption that, with the heavy frost and the vegetation withered or completely flattened by the recent heavy prolonged snowfall, the risk of ticks is not too great at the moment. I suppose I could be wrong, but the dogs love a run up here and at this time of year there is little chance of meeting anyone. I enjoyed the walk/climb as well and the views are spectacular.


Gail said...

The ticks should be slower at least. Beautiful walk.

We have a winter tick here we have to watch for but if the dogs stay in the clearings they do not get them.

Ria said...

Lovely pictures, Anne! Looks like you had a great time!