Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Competent Help Required!

This is why I have great difficulty photographing my own dogs. The minute I appear with a camera the horde descends on me and in an effort to keep the lens free of smears from little tongues I usually have to stand upright so the dogs always end up having short legs and big heads as I click looking down on them. It's quite difficult to take a solo shot as someone always homes in on the subject! Here I tried sitting on a chair but ended up with Mo on my lap.

Little Roley was taken, alone, into the living room in an attempt to get this elusive shot but he ended up down on my level on the carpet.

He was still for a moment, but I think I moved!

Back in the kitchen, he now appears to have twin heads as Charlie wanted a piece of the action.
Better luck next time!
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Maary said...

Ah yes, but what fun for everyone!!

Chris said...

What do you expect Anne, after all they are Papillons.

Janie said...

They're all so cute. They just want to be in on the camera action.

Mary said...

Pity I can't even spell my own name! Sign of old age and decrepitude, I think.