Sunday, 3 January 2010


On New Year's Day I was horrified to see water starting to drip into the living room from the underside of the top part of the wooden frame of our huge window. Then, moments later, little rivulets of water began to run down the window pane. It seemed to be seeping through the window seal. Thank goodness I am a hoarder! The vast sheets of polythene from our new mattress two years ago, deemed useless by Chic but which I had kept anyway, the piles of newspapers hoarded for the pups beds and several plastic containers were put to use to collect the ever increasing drips and protect the windowsill, the wallpaper and the carpet. I pressed single sheets of the newspaper on the wet glass and fed it on to wads of paper on the sill, then the sodden sheets are disposed of into a poly bag. Apparently a good few folk in the village have been having the same problem. The snow and ice is so thick on the roofs and the rhones and downpipes are frozen solid so there must be a build up of water up under the tiles, from the times the temperature rises slightly.
Just to add to our misery yesterday, the cold water supply went off. The whole district appeared to be affected. There had been a mains burst but we were reconnected to a neighbouring supply a good few hours later. Not knowing this, we filled our four plastic 2 gallon pails with snow so that we'd have some water to at least flush the toilet! Now I knew that the snow would "shrink" but little did I expect it to take so long to thaw . There was still a big chunk of half melted stuff in each pail this morning with very little water.
Did I say I liked this weather?


Gail said...

OH, the lovliness of winter!

Something similiar happened here a few years ago, the ice kept filling up the gutters and then it would build up under the shingles and pour into the house. Sounds like what is happening to you.

See saving things does come in handy!

Good luck and stay warm.

Chris said...

What a pain. I think we've all had enough of this weather. I hope you get it sorted soon.