Sunday, 10 January 2010

Winter still reigns here!

Someone wrote somewhere on "facebook" today that the snow was melting in some places in Scotland, ........ well, not much sign of it here.
The usual dog walking paths are well trodden down with about 3 inches of hard packed snow, but at the side, the snow, even after sinking a bit, is still a good 12 inches deep. Some kind soul has chipped out the long flights of steps which lead up out of the den as it had become quite slippy and dangerous (especially for an old lady/woman!) even with walking boots.
The burn is almost completely iced over and the falls are very picturesque but .......Hurry up, Spring!


Gail said...

Sound beautiful but cold

Sharon said...

We're in the same boat as you here in Kansas, USA. Just when it's starting to thaw out they are promising MORE snow! My little terrier doesn't like the snow, but the other two just barrel right through it. I love the pictures you've posted of your pups!