Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Manchester Championship Show.

The coach was full as we travelled overnight to my first Champ. show of the year. I had taken Charlie, Swallow and Carole's Emma as Carole was in hospital. I had hoped (with everything crossed) that young Charlie would be on his best behaviour on the journey. How stupid am I?
The minute he was left, as went to pack in some more of my belongings, he started barking. Covering his cage did no good but eventually he quietened down, so long as he could see me. We are not talking about some frightened, quivering puppy here. Charlie is as bold as brass. He had his quiet spells and he had his noisier spells.
The buzz and noise inside the show hall made no difference to his exuberance! He was happy but not the best trained show dog in his class.

We had the most disobliging driver for our coach. He missed out our usual breakfast stop and so arrived at the showground at 5.30am, jumped out of his seat and opened up all the luggage compartments with all our trolleys, bags, chairs etc. Did he expect us to stand around in a dark, cold, damp carpark till the halls opened at 7am? We didn't.

He had also parked the bus so that where we exited the bus down steep steps to a side door with dogs and cages we landed in a big puddle of muddy water, which grew as the day went on with the heavy rain, and even although asked politely if he could move the vehicle to a drier place, he merely shrugged his shoulders and wandered off.
On our return to the carpark, one of my friends suggested we use a plastic bakers tray she had found, turn it upside down in the middle of the by now small lake at the bus door, which we did and somehow managed to balance ourselves and push and pull older exhibitors till we were all back on board. I could go on about other mean little things he did like shutting off all the lights and expecting us to leave the bus in the dark at the services for a meal later on, but that is enough for now.........not our favourite driver!

Oh, by the way, the show was fine and my dogs and I had a pretty good day!

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