Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My World around Loch Leven-(Part II)

This is the profile of the face of the "Sleeping Warrior" also known as Benarty Hill which stands on the southern side of the loch. (The photos are now out of order, but at least I have been able to add some text now).

This photo, taken by my brother, Jack, shows The Warrior lying on his pillow.

The farm lies at the far end.

This field where the children are playing,is part of my elder brother's farm (where we were brought up) and now houses quite a few holiday chalets, a sign of the need for farmers to diversify. The view across the loch is beautiful.

In the background is Bishop Hill with 2 villages at its foot--Scotlandwell, to the r.h.s. , where I started my schooling, aged 4, in the 2 room school and Kinnesswood farther to the left, where My parents built their retiral bungalow. In between the villages stands the parish church where I was married in 1965.

Looking north with the Ochil Hills in the background and the 100 acre island in the middle of the loch. The ruins of an ancient monastery can still be seen but the only activity here now is the grazing of some sheep ferried over in a boat. A neighbour, who had grazing right some time ago, once ferried cattle over in a makeshift raft, nearly coming to grief because of the cattle panic-ing, but they arrived home before him!
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Gail said...

Still a beautiful place!

Is that heather blooming?

Chris said...

It looks lovely Anne, I bet the walks around there are great

The Gray Family said...

Where is the 2nd picture taken - the farm track? Would it be a good place for our 3 idiots to run?

Larry D said...

What a wonderful place!

marites1034 said...

you have such a beautiful place. very scenic. would be nice to take long walks around the area. my WW is up too.

Rajesh said...

The landscape is amazingly beautiful.

Glennis said...

ice farm land and lovely views, great for walking.