Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This is younger brother Jack's primary school class, along with their teacher. He must have been about 6 in this photo, which was taken, not in the playground but near the well, the roof of which can be seen in the background. He is back row at right hand side. You can tell which pupils lived close to school, the polished looking ones! They had time to go home at lunch time for a clean-up.

There is a certain " urchin" look about some of them!

No uniform at primary school but note the boys' ties.
The water of the well of spring water was reputed to have medicinal properties and was said to have been visited by Robert the Bruce in an attempt to cure his leprosy. (No roof then!!)
We played swinging on the bars of the barriers around the construction and fished out the pennies that visitors had thrown in for luck.

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