Saturday, 22 August 2009

Who said papillons don't like water?

George sitting in a clump of flowers I was trying to photograph.

...and in another puddle.

George, Mo and Swallow racing back to me after chasing after the jogger running into the distance!
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Chris said...

Those pictures look so familiar to me Anne, just like my Paps chasing crows. Our barley hasn't been cut yet but once it has they will be off over the field flushing whatever they can find. Sometimes they put up a hare who knows exactly how fast to run to keep just ahead. And yes one of mine likes water.

Gail said...

Did they have to be bathed?

Pyatshaw said...

I don't bath them unless going to a show. They just dry off and the dust ends up on the kitchen floor!

Gennasus said...

You wouldn't catch mine splashing about!

Sally in WA said...

I love the picture of George. That is just precious.