Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A view across the loch, looking south-east from Kinross showing, on the far side, the farm where I grew up. I was born a little farther round the loch at another farm.

Loch Leven Castle, a 14th century keep, owned then by Royalty then used to imprison important people, the most famous of those being Mary, Queen of Scots. Here in 1567, while very ill, she was forced to sign her abdication papers but, with the help of some loyal friends, notably young Willie Douglas, she escaped, with the keys to her prison being thrown into the loch. For more of this history look here.

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Louise said...

Interesting post.I love the castle,and the history is intriguing.

Gail said...

Looks beautiful, isn't it wonderful that you can live in just a beautiful area?

jeek said...

I remember cycling over to the Castle Island one winter when there was about 12 inches of ice on the loch, needless to say my parents were horrified when I rather foolishly informed them!