Monday, 10 August 2009

Visitors from the South.

I haven't had much time, in fact no time, for blogging lately. No, not due to the finger injury which is now healing well, but due to the annual visit of daughter Kathryn and her family from Berkshire. Originally she intended driving up with the 3 children, on her own but fortunately, her husband drove them up, borrowed a van from my son and drove back south, leaving Kathryn with her vehicle. I doubt if our car would have accommodated the 3 child seats, now required by law. How we all survived before I'll never know. We ate eggs and cheese as small babies, drank cows' milk (un-pasteurised), rode in the car, all packed into the back seats and rode bicycles without helmets, not on the pavements but on the road!..I know, traffic wasn't so busy nor did it travel at such speed. We also drank water out of the hill burns when playing and took bites out of apples belonging to friends...I'm still fairly healthy (I think!?)
It takes a bit of getting used to the south of England accents of the two older children. The parents' strong Scottish accent doesn't seem to have rubbed off on them even although they are aged 5 and 2.
Father returned yesterday in the borrowed van and drove them all home last night. They got back at just after midnight. Our house now seems strangely quiet!

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Gail said...

I love visits but make them short, please. I am too set in my ways to have long term company.