Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This school, with over 1000 pupils, was a big change for me from the small country school. This is my class, aged about 16, at secondary school, Perth Academy. This must have been the only day I didn't wear the uniform! Most people are very scathing about the navy blue gym slip but I quite liked it. Everyone was more or less the same. Nowadays, with no school uniform the pupils still manage to look the same--tracksuits and trainers!

I liked my schooldays and even liked school dinners, despite the fact that my mother was an excellent cook.

I cycled 6 miles every morning to catch the train 15 miles away in Perth and didn't get home till almost 5.30pm at night, except some Fridays, when I was to catch the bus to the "pictures" in Kinross, when I could make home by just after 5! I was so exhausted I couldn't eat my tea!

I am 2nd row from front, second left.

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Ruth said...

You obviously received a very good education. I attended similar schools in my youth with uniforms and strict teachers. But I didn't have far to travel as you did.

Gennasus said...

Old school photos are great to see. At least, OTHER PEOPLE'S old school photos. My own will never see the light of day, if I have any say in the matter, and will certainly never appear on my blog!

I spotted you a mile off. I won't tell you which one Tom pointed to but we'll make allowances, seeing as he wasn't wearing his glasses at the time.

Arija said...

Have you ever stopped to consider how fortunate you are to have photos of your childhod?

What feew our family had managed to carry out of the clutches of Stalin and through the bombing in Germany, were lost in the great bushfires in Australia in 1983. It was as though someone had just erased 25 years of our marriesd life and both our , and our children's childhoods.