Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Castle Law Winter Olympics?

For the past couple of days we've had beautiful sunny days with severe frost at night. This is my sort of weather, especially after having been couped up in or close to the house for what seems like weeks. Yesterday and today, probably against my better judgement, I took the dogs up Castle Law. The lower flatter walking routes are now bathed in sunshine for the better part of the day and, by the time I'm ready to take the dogs out, the surface has thawed and there is a layer of mud--which is not good news if you have small (white) dogs. Thinking we'd fare better up the hill, we headed off. The first steep part of the track, on the Law itself, was ok but we soon reached a very steep stony part between the high whin bushes where normally water seeps down over the stones. At the moment this is frozen in quite a spectacular fashion. It has frozen in a sort of ripple effect and is extremely treacherous. There is a very narrow strip of dead grass on either side. I took the left hand side and the dogs took the right. At one point they all decided to cross, one after the other. Each one took off downhill at a fair old speed like competitors in some Olympic sledging sport-----could it be the Luge ?.........or was it the Skeleton? All ended up like most of the British competitors in Vancouver, (one exception, who managed to bring home Gold)., but no injuries.

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