Friday, 12 March 2010

Stay at Homes.

We could have been there!
It's that time of year again..............Crufts Championship Dog Show, the most famous in the world! How could I have decided not to enter the dogs and finally cancel my seat on the coach, which had been booked since last year? Well, it was quite easy, as my friend was ill and not likely to be travelling to any dog shows for quite some time. However as the time to the show drew closer I began to wish I had entered. Too late for that now, but, at a recent show I heard that an extra coach had been ordered this year and that a few seats were still available! I thought long and hard about it....must have been all of a couple of minutes.... and promptly asked to have one of the places on the coach. So here I am now, almost ready to leave for the starting point, the Forth Road Bridge car park, but no dogs this year. I'm sure they have recognised all the signs of departure for a big show, but they will be going nowhere.
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decisions, decisions! a bit like mine, should I go out on the bike or stay in and paint the kitchen, what a quandry!