Sunday, 14 March 2010

Life After Crufts

Pretty much the same as usual. The dulcet tones of two impatient pups at 6.30 this morning put paid to any thoughts of a long lie. Had I forgotten to tell them that I'd not long since gone to bed?...apparently not! You know the old saying, "If you can't stand the heat don't have pups!"
We had a very enjoyable day, mainly watching the judging although we did have a foray into the other halls to have a look at the stalls but that is not my idea of fun, pushing my way through crowds of people, all going in the opposite direction! I was not born to shop. Luckily, I was with a younger friend, so I didn't get lost and managed to get back to the papillon ring. The same cannot be said for my departure from the hall for the coach, with my travelling friend. I assured her this was a much quicker way than the way we'd come in. Not so. We were heading to a totally different car park and had to re-enter the hall and re-route through several others. Obviously we made it back to the coach in time. Another friend from the coach was not so lucky. She uses an invalid scooter and, of all things, the battery went flat just as she and her daughter were leaving the hall. However they were prepared and had a charger and were able to charge up the battery from a power socket just inside the exit and were able to continue to the coach.

I've had my usual two walks with dogs today and, thankfully, the mud has dried up, so no filthy mutts in the house tonight.
I don't think I'll need rocking at "lights out" time.


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