Saturday, 6 March 2010

This muddy part had to be crossed.

Puma pawprints?--there have been reported sightings of large black creatures in some parts of Perthshire. I think not, though; more likely to be prints of a big dog which have enlarged with the slight thaw!

Swallow and Tass try crossing the ice on the downward journey but Swallow seems to have been too enthusiastic!

Back home again. No wonder my house is full of dust!
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Mary said...

I'll bet they enjoyed it, but I don't envy you the bathing which must follow! Watch your feet on that track, Anne, I don't want to be visiting you in hospital with (or without) a bunch of black grapes!

Anonymous said...

Hehe! Looks a bit like our guys after a walk! How is the black tri on the right? :)

Gennasus said...

Almost more ice than they had in Vancouver! That path looks like it would be just right for the skeleton bob - have you got a suitable tin tray?