Monday, 22 March 2010

The garden, warts and all!

This morning a strange urge came over me and I decided to tidy up the rather unkempt rockery plants that grow in our back garden. I'm not a keen gardener, although I'm quite partial to Garden Centres, especially when they have a good coffee shop, but I like to see our garden reasonably tidy. We have to, as our back neighbour is of the type who throws a wobbly if he sees a weed! He appears to be off on holiday so I let the dogs come with me into the top part of the garden and they had a grand rake around in the normally forbidden territory.

The terrible twins, Roley and Maisie, "helping" to weed out some ivy.

After raking up lots of dead leaves and twigs from the foot of the dyke, this little fellow clambered out of the heap. I haven't seen a toad for a long time. Eventually he disappeared into a crevice in the stones out of harm's way.
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