Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ever had the stuffing taken out of you?

I thought I'd do the dogs a good turn and provide some nice, comfy little nest beds and pads in the kitchen to keep them off the cold vinyl. How wrong could I be! The above couple of shots show the state of the beds, several times, between repairs. I give up with my mob. How do some people have their papillons sitting on pretty little beds, which sport neither a patch or several areas of stitching?

Here are a few photos of the complete beds being enjoyed by the various dogs, all except Mo, who never snuggles into one of them and I blame him for none of the damage.
I'm off now to fetch out the sewing box yet again.
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Mary said...

..... and a good time was had by .... well, most!

Marian said...

Never any problems in my house - and we still have the infamous plastic imp that I bought before I even collected Minnie from Julie. Nearly 14 years old and it still has its squeak

Pyatshaw said...

No such luck here. All toys are killed pronto!