Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Show

The two pups were very well behaved all (well, most) of the day and during the journey. There was no peeing, poohing or puking in their cages and stood and walked pretty well (for a first show) while being judged. I'm not counting Maisie barking furiously at a pug in a nearby ring. I was pleased with their placings, Maisie coming 4th out of fourteen and Roley ending up 5th out of nine in his Minor puppy class.

As we had plenty of time between the end of judging and the coach's departure we decided to try to take some photos of the dogs outside on a grassy patch. My friend Jennifer's two were easy-peasy and sat on a little wall by some flowers. Look down to see the results of trying to photograph my two little ones.


bb said...

very good for the first show but
where was it

Pyatshaw said...

That wa the UK Toydog Championship show held at Stafford.