Friday, 26 March 2010

Our Initiation.

Maisie (left) and Roley before the bath.
"We've been stuck in the bath and a hose (=spray) turned on us and some sort of soapy stuff rubbed all over, especial attention being given to our ears and bums and finally after being wrapped in a towel (hope nobody saw us looking like that!) we were subjected to something puffing out warm air. That bit was ok."
Little do they know it yet but they will soon be stuck in a coach for several hours as we make our way to their first show.......a championship show at that...but as they have never been to a show they won't know the difference.
How will they react? I've no idea, but they have been quite outgoing at the ringcraft classes, so here's hoping! It's action stations in 2 hours time when we leave to catch the coach at the Forth Road Bridge.
Wish us luck!
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bill said...

looking like that they can't fail to be placed. Good Luck
bb p/pans

Mary said...

We certainly do! Look forward to hearing the results and the ups and downs of the trip!

Gail said...

Good luck, little ones.