Thursday, 17 June 2010

Alternative Uses.

During ironing, the other night, I came across two gent's handkerchiefs, which is unusual in itself these days, as we, in this house, seem to favour pieces of kitchen roll, but we had been to a funeral and, to show a bit of respect, I had suggested my husband put a proper handkerchief in his jacket pocket. Now I was ironing a coloured one and a "white" one, or more accurately, used to be white. Now it had dark grey blotches and streaks , no doubt having been used at some time, to clean a spark plug! This reminded me of another occasion many years ago, also an impending funeral, when we could not find the black tie. Then we had been used on the journey home, quite late at night from my grandad's funeral, several months previously. The car started to overheat as we were climbing the infamous A9 road between Perth and Inverness. The fan belt had broken. We were in the middle of nowhere with no garages open (it WAS after 5.30pm and this is Scotland!) and we had no breakdown cover. However, ever resourceful, off came Chic's black tie and replaced the belt. We got home under our own steam.
I suppose this could illustrate the reputation the Scots have for stingyness...never spend a penny unless you are sure you really have to, usually there is a cheaper alternative!

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Janie said...

The use of the tie was most resourceful!
My husband and boys have been known to find some strange fixes, too. And they never worry much about keeping their clothing clean!