Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dog Shows by Coach--The Luggage!

"Do you really need all that stuff for 2/3 wee dogs?"

That's the question I'm asked by Chic every time I load up the car for the journey to board the coach for a championship show.

The simple answer is, "Yes." Most of it will be used and the rest I might use! What you see in the photo is not quite the complete amount. Still to be added are the two pups and another crate with Swallow.

The lot comprises, the crates with dogs, a bag with rain/wind crate covers, fans in case it is hot, the trolley with its bungees, my chair for the ringside, the little chewed wooden grooming table, the red rucksack with dog grooming brushes (various), combs, a bottle of no-rinse shampoo in case of accidents, waterproofs and a wee pair of thin, green, rubber wellies for me in case of rain, towels, a kitchen roll, poo bags by the score and various leads. Then there is my bag with show clothes, extra shoes (sandals, in case of heat!) toiletries and a food(for me)bag with the big flask of coffee as well as the big pink sack with my pillow and sleeping bag for the overnight coach journey. Also in among that lot is a bottle of water and some food for the dogs and ,lastly, a heat reflective cover for the crates in case the promised heatwave materialises and my winter anorak in case of another freezing day like we had at Border Union show at Kelso last week. Anything is possible in Britain!
I forgot to mention my camera and shoulder bag.
We're off to the Black[pool show in an hour or two so I'm off for a shower now.
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Gail said...

Just like moving!

Mary said...

And the extra luggage coming home of all those red rosettes and cards! Good luck!