Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Papillon Extraordinaire!

The windows had been wide open since morning as summer had returned to Abernethy. I found this butterfly on the curtain.

It fluttered out of the window eventually and I managed to get some photos on the flowers before it finally vanished.Here it is on a Peony Rose.

..and now on a Begonia.
Get your books out and let me know what it is and how it might have got here.
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Mary said...

Whatever it is, it is beautiful!

b.b. said...

possible african monarch ?

Gail said... is beautiful. So are the butterflies in the header.

jeek said...

Is it the very rare abernethius flutterbye which only appears in years ending in zero?

Pyatshaw said...

Jeek, I think that's what we will call it as I cannot find it's exact likeness in any book of mine. Maybe it's a new species! I should be so lucky. South east wind today so it's probably somewhere in the western highlands by this time! Could be Fort William.

Ria said...

Beautiful pictures, Anne! :)