Monday, 14 June 2010

A Good Weekend.

The photograph was taken by my young friend with the pug, Jasper, Ria Johnston.
This is Swallow in the line-up for Best in Show at Dundee Open Show on Saturday, after winning Best of Breed then the Toy Group. She didn't win, the winner being a beautiful, huge, glossy, black Newfoundland. The papillons were judged by Mrs Jacqueline Hill and the Toy Group by Miss Hazel Barr.
On Sunday we made the short journey to Perth for the St Andrews and Cupar Open Show where Toys were judged this time by Mr David Guy.
Swallow again went Best of Breed and then won 3rd place in the Group.
Just as I was finishing off a very pleasant day having a cup of tea with friends I had a phone call from hubby telling me to come home and try out the "new" cooker as he had had it fitted and connected. Wow, I was really going to rush home for that! However he finished off by saying, "..and go into the village and buy me a packet of fags on the way home"...(the real reason for the call!) I then had an even longer chat with some more friends.
P.S. The unmarked cooker is looking good, it works, even the clock, and I'll swear the porridge this morning tasted better than ever!
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