Monday, 21 June 2010

The Heat Is On!

This is what a day of sun and temperatures reaching 19 degrees celsius ("that high?" do I hear you say?!!!) does to the dogs. Mind you, it feels a lot warmer in the shelter of our back garden....this is very warm to us, especially after an arctic day like Saturday.

Mo hides by the feed bin.

Swallow hides under my sun lounger.

..while Tass just stretches out and pants.
Long may it continue!
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Mary said...

Are you sure you aren't on the Riviera and are just pretending to be in Perthshire? Just kidding! Beautiful day here today. Maybe, just maybe we are going to have a summer>

Gail said...

This week here if they had stretched out on the cement, they would have been cooked.

Glad you are having beautiful weather. It is good for the spirits.