Friday, 11 June 2010

Wheels again.

We collected Bluebell, the car, from "hospital" last night and she is firing on all cylinders and running smoothly, well as smooth as our roads will allow! Apparently the spring, which had broken, had shredded the tyre, burst the wheel arch lining and broken a bearing above.
Billy, my son, very kindly, had it repaired AND fitted new brake discs...........all without costing us a penny!
While we were there he gave us an electric cooker which was surplus to requirements of one of his friends, as he had noticed that there were a couple of cracks in the ceramic top of my own at Abernethy..."a death trap" was how one of my friends put it! Good old Billy, he always seems to know someone who is ridding themselves of perfectly good items. I don't mind using second hand stuff as long as the condition is reasonable. I did ask if he happened to have to hand a decent stainless steel sink with a left hand drainer and good size bowl! "Don't push it" was the answer.
So you see, everything comes to those who wait....maybe even the sink in a week or two.


Mary said...

I'll swap you my son for yours. Please?

Gail said...

That is so wonderful...I see a sink in your future.